Running races are not always just about running. For the participants of Vilnius Women Run it gives various means whether it is a sense of unity, celebration of everlasting friendship, emotions shared with many great women.

Come and bring your family along – a special “Pritt” 200m course for children, as well as finishers medals for all will make this journey worth traveling!

Moreover, entertainment, competitions and exceptional experiences are waiting for you here!

This day belongs to you!


PI “Tarptautinis maratonas” is organizing an annual event “Vilnius Women Run” on August 8th, 2020. The running event was planned for June 13th, 2020. However, regarding the difficult situation due to COVID-19 the event date was transferred. All the registrations made for the event on June 13th are automatically transferred to the event on August 8th. You do not have to do any additional steps. If the new date is inconvenient for you, email us: info@moterubegimas.lt .
The event on August 8th, 2020 is supposed to happen as planned. However, we are obligated to follow the restrictions of the government about the mass events in the country. If any restrictions will apply, the format of the event may be changed to virtual event. The virtual run is a form of running event when the participants are running individually and separately in the location of their preference. The result is recorded with an app or a smart watch. Additional rules for virtual run will be announced if this event format is used.


    1. The online registration is open till August 7, 2020: 5k run (girls  from 12 years old and women), “Pritt”  200m run (boys and girls from 2 to 12 years old)
    2. For international registration, please visit here: https://manobegimas.lt/event/27
    3. Participants may register in the information centre on August 6-7, 2020, 10am to 8pm
    4. All participants may register in the information centre on the day of the event  from 10 a.m. The registration will be closed 30 minutes before the start of each race.

Register now!


10:00 – 18:45  Number pick up and registration

16:00 – Start of the event

18.30 – “Pritt”  children run start (preliminary)

19:00 – 5k start (preliminary) *

19:30 – Awards ceremony

* Due to the difficult situation in the country caused by COVID-19 and possible restrictions on the number of participants, the start of a 5k run can be divided into two waves. In this case, the starts of 5k run would take place at 19:00 and 20:00, the awards would take place at 20:30, and the end of the event at 21:00. If the start is divided into two parts, the participants of the event will be notified by e-mail, also information will be posted on the event page on Facebook.


The Organizer reserves the right to cancel and /or reschedule the race if any force majeure conditions arise. In case of the race cancellation and/or reschedule due to the force majeure, the Race Organizer has no obligation to refund the paid entry fees to the Participants or pay any compensations.


  1. Participants may pick-up their starting package and the bib number in the information centre on August 6-7, 2020, 10am to 8pm.
  2.  At the day of the event the number pick-up will be closed 15 minutes before the start of each distance.
  3. All the participants under 18 years have to bring printed and signed parental consent form of one of the parents or legal guardians.


  1. First three places of Vilnius Women Run will get race cups.
  2. All 5k finishers will have the opportunity to print out personal participant’s diploma.
  3. Special 2020 medals will be given to all race finishers, women and children.


It is necessary to safely secure your bib number to the front of your shirt. It is not allowed to cut the number, fold it in half or modify it in any other form. It is forbidden to take off the timing chip as it is the way to record your result. Runners who will participate without a clearly visible bib number will not be allowed to continue the race.



Storage and changing rooms will be available at the day of the event from 4 pm to 8 pm in the Vilnius City Hall square.


There will be restrooms near the starting zone.


till 12.31 01.01-04.30 05.01-05.31*  06.01-08.05  08.06-08.08
5k Women Run 12 EUR 14 EUR 16 EUR 18 EUR 20 EUR
“Pritt”  200m  Children Run 3 EUR 4 EUR 5 EUR 5 EUR 6 EUR

*Personalized numbers (with participant’s name on it) will only be available for those who complete registration until May 31, 2020.



  1. PI “Tarptautinis maratonas”, legal entity code: 300561278, address: Savanorių Av. 22 (301-2), Vilnius, tel. +37064732998, email: info@moterubegimas.lt, is a data controller responsible for collecting and processing data submitted by persons participating in “Vilnius Women Run”.
  2. PI “Tarptautinis maratonas” is also the manager of the website www.moterubegimas.lt
  3. Participants’ data is obtained by submitting the registration form on the website referred to in point 2 and managed in the legitimate interest of the data controller – for the purposes of organizing, implementing and participating in the “Vilnius Women Run”:
  • 3.1. information about the name, surname, date of birth, as well as registration fee data are processed for the administration of the participant’s purchase / registration of the event;
  • 3.2. phone number, email address, date of birth, gender, country, city, as well as details of results achieved at the event (time, place reached) for information and event organizing purposes (sending relevant information about event, results and winner, preparing awards, categories participating in the event (by sex, age), etc.);
  • 3.3. information about the participant’s name, surname and email address is also handled for direct marketing if the participant agrees in advance.
  1. Participant must submit 3.1. and 3.2. for the fulfillment of the registration and the purpose of the event.
  2. Data about the participant’s name, surname, age group, gender, achieved results (time, place reached), as well as the city and country are publicly available on the website www.moterubegimas.lt. In order to ensure transparency of the results, the participant automatically agrees that the data will be made publicly available on the website when registering for the event.
  3. Each participant agrees, by registering, that the organizers of the event may freely use the images and footage of the event for marketing purposes, such as social networks, web sites, etc.
  4. Participant data stored:
  • 7.1.  details of the participant’s telephone number, email address – 5 years after the participant’s registration date;
  • 7.2. details of the participant’s name, surname, date of birth, sex, country, city, as well as details of the results achieved at the event (time, place reached) – for statistical / historical purposes and not deleted;
  • 7.3. details of the participant’s name, telephone number, email address for direct marketing – 5 years from the date of such consent.
  1. Participant has the right to request that the PI “Tarptautinis maratonas” allow access to and rectification or erasure of the Participant’s personal data or the processing of restricted data.
  2. If the data is processed for direct marketing purposes (with the prior consent of the participant), the participant has the right to refuse such processing at any time. This right may be exercised by the participant upon notification by email to info@moterubegimas.lt
  3. Participant has the right to submit a complaint to the State Data Protection Inspectorate regarding the actions (inaction) of the PI “Tarptautinis maratonas”, which, in the opinion of the participant, are in breach of the provisions of legal acts.


If any further information is needed, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail info@moterubegimas.lt